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The Purpose of Dragon Boat USA is to promote the sport of Dragon BoatRacing in the United Statesboth nationally and internationally, at all levels of competition, and in allracing classes with the assistance of USA Canoe / Kayak (USACK).
Dragon Boat USA is specificallyresponsible for matters related to International Canoe Federation (ICF) and USACanoe / Kayak sanctioned competitions. Dragon Boat USA also encourages involvement in all Dragon Boat events without prejudice towards National or International affiliation.
Dragon Boat USA assures; adequate planning, preparation and conduct forany future race events within the ICF. All Team USA support and for ICF events is coordinated by Dragon Boat USA with the assistance of USACanoe / Kayak National Office.
Dragon Boat USA supports the goals andstrategies of both the ICF and USA Canoe / Kayak.
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