Dragon Boat USA - National Organizing Committee - American Canoe Association

The paddle sport governing body recognized by the International Olympic Committee


The paddle sport governing body in the U.S.A. recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, the International Canoe Federation and the International Olympic Committee


The official website of the 2018 ICF Dragon Boat World Championships

The Official Paddle of Dragon Boat USA and the United States National Dragon Boat Team

Please Note:
Contact Dragon Boat USA today so your club can begin to enjoy the club benefits offered.  These include access to insurances, World Club Crew Championships, club discounts for Clinics, Invitation to compete at Dragon Boat USA Nationals to name a few.
Please be aware that if your club, or club members, wish to participate in any ICF, ACA or Dragon Boat USA sanctioned events, your members need to be members of ACA and/or Dragon Boat USA and in good standing in order to be eligible.
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